Tower Semiconductor

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Company: Tower Semiconductor

Industry: Semiconductors

No. of Employees: 2800

Product: Manager


 About Tower:

We work with you every step of the way.
TowerJazz manufactures integrated circuits for more than 200 customers worldwide in growing markets such as consumer, automotive, medical, industrial, and aerospace & defense, among others. We offer specialty process technologies including Radio Frequency (RF), High Performance Analog (HPA), Integrated Power Management, CMOS Image Sensors, Mixed-Signal/CMOS, and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) capabilities. In addition, we provide world-class design enablement and Transfer Optimization and development Process Services (TOPS™). Through TPSCo, we offer additional capacity as well as leading edge 45nm CMOS, 65nm RF CMOS and 65nm 1.12μm pixel technologies.


As an International, publicly-traded company, we needed to properly manage development tasks utilizing structured procedures and workflows in order to ensure error prevention and the correct transfer to PROD.
In order to prevent fraud and errors, we also required an essential centralized system like SAP, that supports the change management process. It needed to be in compliance with SOX as well as other common regulations throughout the business processes.

Avi Karaso – Corporate IT Applications:

The solution makes the process very systematic and allows us to manage and monitor all the various tasks assigned to the division. It allows us to manage organized transfers to PROD and delivers full transparency to the customers, who can submit queries directly to the system and view the status of their queries, as well as all tasks within the division.

We have implemented various scenarios that provide workflow based solutions of changes in SAP, from requesting authorization, through customization, to new developments.

The Manager checks all the mapped systems, beginning with a change in DEV, through a transfer to the QA system, ending with an implementation in PROD. The system enables identification, timing and tracking of each task and CR, on each level where the change occurs, with whom the task is waiting for, whether implementation or approval, and who made the change or gave authorization. This solution provides a managerial tool of the highest level for all tasks assigned to the division, together with full format control and ability to track all changes.

We chose DPROS’ Manager, from amongst several offerings such as ChaRM, because it met our needs, and was based on good feedback received from various customers.

DPROS’ Manager permits full management and monitoring of the process with great simplicity and excellent dynamics, without the need to pay uncomfortably high prices for additional systems, complex implementation, and resources, as well as the expense needed for various solutions. On one hand, the system is very simple to operate and implement, while on the other, it monitors every relevant aspect and enables excellent dynamics in various scenarios. It also allows separate authorization tracks in accordance with the module and the type of change, with “smart controls” and “alerts” at sensitive points.
Implementation was quick, professional and very businesslike. The company deeply understands the field. In addition, we had the benefit of dealing with management that gave focused advice and was open to various changes and adjustments.
In addition to being a necessary product, was the fact that the Company is flexible and brings its vast experience together with a practical approach and openness, which yielded the desired solution for us.

From management and maintenance of the SAP system, changes from familiar challenges, to the management of open tasks, priorities, mission control at various stages, tests and certifications’ intermediate sheet, there is nothing new. Many IT units are now facing the challenge of utilizing different tools. Another important dimension is the SOX compliance procedures. The FDA and other authorities, define the strict management and control system and configuration of information.

With Manager, we received a solution that allows for the management of various tasks related to the maintenance of the SAP system. It keeps within the requirements of the various bodies without adding more work. Due to proper application of the system, there are no additional requirements requested from visitors and various review agencies.
The system controls, both the development environment and test & production server, in a manner that ensures that any change in the system would only be possible subject to an approved work mission.

In a field dominated by ‘Goliath’ brands, this is a classic ‘David’ product: smart, focused, and providing a full, comprehensive solution for monitoring changes in the system.