DPROS SOX @ Biosense Webster

DPROS SOX @ Biosense Webster

Biosense Webster (Israel) Ltd., a Johnson & Johnson company, and a worldwide leader in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, successfully implemented the complete platform of DPROS’ SOX tool.
The solution implemented comprised all tools within the SOX’s suite: Manager, Publisher, Changer and SOX.
Biosense was looking to combine a SAP based and non-SAP based system together. It is a fully driven industry proven solution, yet flexible enough to be easily customized to Biosense’ specific business processes.

The SOX tool enables:
• Managing all levels of SOX: Processes/Cycle, Sub-process, Risks, Control and Tasks.
• Create and send periodically to each Controller the relevant tasks
• Automatically allocating SAP reports in the tasks. The reports include relevant periodical data required to complete the task
• Dashboard Manager with status of all open SOX controls & tasks
• Imbedding Workflow Approval
• Centralizing all trace and records
• Simple tool for maintenance by the customer

DPROS’ Manager Enabled IMPACT Change Management is an efficient solution that provides end-to-end (E2E) management for the complex process of applying changes and transports across the SAP system. It addresses, streamlines, and ensures business continuity, meeting stringent SOX regulatory and governance business processes.
DPROS’ Publisher with Changer allowed Biosense to publish reports and sensitive changes to the log data.
DPROS’ implementation empowered Biosense to change its manual method, to an automated process by increasing the overall business agility and enabling operational efficiency. By providing ease of use, complemented by full visibility and clarity of Changes, tasks and controls status, Biosense was successful in significantly lowering the time and cost required in system maintenance, impacting the company performance and business agility.


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