Collaborate in SAP with an Excel-like experience.

Rainbow bridges the gap between SAP and Excel. Using Rainbow, any standard SAP report turns into Excel allowing users to add columns, leave remarks and use conditional formatting and eliminates almost entirely the need to download data to Excel.

However, unlike Excel, Rainbow provides significant value proposition:

  • Security – Using Rainbow keeps the 3A of Security & Privacy (i.e., Authorization, Authentication, Audit trail).
  • In context – Working inside SAP enables users to utilize standard ERP functionality such as drill-down, DB look-up, data updates and more
  • Single corporate truth and language – Rainbow is the only practical way to achieve the single corporate truth as everyone are within the SAP system, collaborating and working on the same data.


Rainbow offers a completely new user experience via an efficient, intuitive, and easy-to-use user interface
Rainbow Features:

  • Add colors at any level – rows, columns and individual cells
  • Apply conditional formatting to highlight cells based on their content
  • Insert new columns of extended information
  • Add calculated columns based on existing columns
  • Annotate cells and manage comments
  • Filter by color, comment text, and values
  • Publish results via email