DPROS OnTheGo @ Telit Wireless

DPROS OnTheGo @ Telit Wireless

Telit Wireless Solutions, is an enabler of the global machine-to-machine (m2m) movement , successfully deployed DPROS’ Purchase orders workflows in its SAP system. The workflow is complemented by the renowned OnTheGo Approval mobile application.

Telit was looking for a SAP based, a mobile solution to purchase orders approval cycle.

As a global company, Telit approvers have to have the ability to approve the POs anytime, regardless of their global location, (SAP) connectivity or smartphone/mobile device type.
• The approval process has to be an efficient and easy task for its users, performed without disrupting the everyday business continuity and routine
• Mobile/Email application has to be secured
• Continuous monitoring of the approval process and high visibility into the process at every stage.

DPROS’ OnTheGo Approval has been incorporated in the solution and allows business users to approve POs on-the-move, anytime, from any worldwide location, regardless to their real-time/offline connectivity, secured. It mainly allows Telit approvers to be self-sufficient, without any disruption to their daily routine.

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