IDoc is a groundbreaking solution that dramatically boosts the efficiency and speed of a high volume IDoc search. It enables businesses to drastically reduce processing cycle time and accelerate business results. Moreover, IDoc makes IDoc data accessible to a new target audience: non-technical SAP users.


IDoc enhances, customizes, and personalizes the inherent IDoc search and reporting capabilities. Expect remarkable speeds for high volume IDoc queries like never before, superseding the existing, highly laborious and frustrating search function.


Furthermore, IDoc applies a uniquely-structured search algorithm in order to maintain its high performance as your business grows.


A NEW depth & dimension in user experience

  • Selection screen: Structured fields search, Complex search, including wildcards (*,?), Cross IDoc-type search with aggregated attributes
  • Exceptional Performance: NO performance degradation for huge IDoc records data bases
  • Easy-to-use product optimizes the usage of IDoc queries by empowering you to get the data you need when you need it
  • Short learning curve by using an intuitive GUI. It increases employees satisfaction and efficiency


IDoc allows:

  • Structured data: immediate display of real-time data
  • Powerful reporting tool
  • Drill down IDoc info
  • User friendly and easily readable format display
  • Services
  • IDoc resend