All-in-One Log Activity Search!

Changer streamlines the complex search tools developed by enterprises per specific object class. It addresses all object classes in one application, from one focal point, and its flexible search engine allows employees to search large amounts of their organization’s log activity data in a fast, focused, efficient way. The search is performed within the CDHDR and CDPOS (huge) log tables.


Leveraging our expertise and our daily encounters with customers, we understand that searching the huge CDHDR and CDPOS log tables can be both a challenge and a nightmare. Changer delivers on its promise as a highly flexible all-in-one log activity search application. Its flexible engine allows users to search according to every possible object class:

  • One focal point for all searches
  • Object class dynamic-driven search
  • Dynamic field search per object class
  • Dynamic view per object class
  • Log activity reports are distributed with Publisher


You can rest assured that Changer easily traces the full history of every change logged in your business database.