Publish your reports in Any Format, Any Media, Anytime!

Publisher is an efficient solution that makes information available to users when required. Publisher works in three different methods:

  1. Scheduled: The report that every system provides. For example – send a report once a day/week/month and such.
  2. Alert: In case that there’s a business rule that you would like to know about. For example – when someone signed a PO over $100,000 then send the details to the CFO.
  3. Pull mode: Use any email client to request a report. For example, users can ask Siri to ‘Send an email to Publisher with subject ‘Open PO lines in PDF.’. The user will receive the email with the requested information in few minutes without any need to login to SAP, ask someone’s help, or any other method.

Publisher supports any standard data format, on any media. It caters for and streamlines your daily need for the very same information to be extracted, viewed and manipulated by multiple internal and external enterprise users.

Publisher allows our customers to extract information and publish it as following:

  • In any format without user explicit intervention. Formats: XLSX, XLS, HTML, PDF, XML, text, CSV & others
  • On any media without user explicit intervention. Media: e-mail, SMS, application server, presentation server, FTP client and others
  • Info display does NOT require real-time connectivity to the SAP system
  • Using Smart Distribution List: The same report would be used to generate different reports to different audiences. For example, each plant manager would get only his/her work orders, while the COO will get all the work orders. Publisher knows how to send each user only the relevant information.