OnTheGo is a new enterprise mobile solution that extends and adapts business processes and operational reach for all aspects of the modern mobile world. Mobility, personalization, and efficiency are the name of the game, as everyone uses popular mobile devices on the go. Today, you simply must be prepared to conduct business immediately, regardless of your location, timezone, or device type.


Zero client-installation mobile application, supporting offline approval of workflow tasks.

  • No learning curve, the same process as in the office
  • On any popular mobile device: Apple iPhone/iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, Microsoft Windows
  • No need to install any app. Just internet & Email access
  • Real-time or Offline access
  • Layered Security: encryption & user authentication
  • Powerful implementation, immediately improving efficiency
  • Work with YOU, tackling urgent tasks while away from the office
  • Shortens significantly the approval cycle time
  • YOUR fingertips, 24x7x365
  • Delivers on the promise of mobility by giving managers the freedom and power to run their operations more efficiently