DPROS OnTheGo Approval @ Eden Springs

DPROS OnTheGo Approval @ Eden Springs

Eden Springs Europe’s leading provider of water and coffee solutions for the workplace, implemented a full Supplier Framework Agreement SAP based workflow solution supplied by DPROS. Additionally, DPROS’ renowned OnTheGo Approval tool was incorporated in the implementation as well.

With a network of branches and water sources across 15 countries, it was imperative that Eden’s worldwide supplier framework agreements are dealt in the same manner, regardless of the supplier worldwide location. The workflow implementation allows managers to have full control and visibility on the agreement status and resolve bottlenecks in a timely manner. All approvers involved in any specific supplier framework agreement workflow, can easily track the status and changes made to the business data. The data and status are constantly updated in the workflow information. Additionally, powerful deadline monitor allows full traceability on the approvers time frame and is used according to the global calendar on one hand, and locally for each location on the other hand

Moreover, being an international company with multiple locations, it is vital that managers can approve/reject work items regardless of their worldwide location and time zone. Supplier framework agreements are approved via DPROS’ OnTheGo Approval, which empowers the managers to approve/reject work items anytime, from any smartphone as if in the office. Moreover, managers benefit from having all the decision support data available for each and every purchase document.

The winning combination implementation of the workflow allowing full business control and visibility and the approval mobile application, allows Eden to maximize efficiency, performance, agility and business results.

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