DPROS Manager @ Soglowek

DPROS Manager @ Soglowek

Soglowek Foods Ltd., a mainstay of the Israeli food industry, has implemented DPROS’ Manager -(IMPACT Change Management) to manage changes in its SAP-based business information infrastructure.

D’Manager provides enhanced and flexible change control capabilities and full audit visibility of all the changes from change request initiation up till it is finally approved and ready to PROD.

At Soglowek, D’Manager diligently supports and enforces the change control processes, throughout the full change process cycle. It provides full change control and automatic documentation of all change requests (CR), corresponding workflow processes and associated e-mails, documents, free texts to/of approvers, developers and business personnel. The change process starts with the initial CR approval by the CIO, throughout the phases of design, customization, development, testing and final approval of being ready for PROD.

With Manager, Soglowek ensures that every single new issued CR is automatically associated to a pre-approved work item.

Additionally, Manager provides comprehensive reporting tool with detailed and current information on each CR approval status; moreover, for each approver, it displays the list of awaiting CRs for approval.

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