Collaborate on any ALV report with an Excel-like experience.

D’Rainbow ALiVe addresses the limited functions available to SAP users in areas such as:  formatting, personalization, collaboration, and data manipulation. These limitations frequently force users to look for solutions beyond SAP itself.

Sometimes, SAP reports are downloaded locally as Excel sheets for further analysis. Although Excel offers greater usability and enhanced productivity, these advantages come at great cost: the moment an ALV report is downloaded locally and its data is replicated, it becomes obsolete.

D’Rainbow ALiVe expands SAP ALV reporting capabilities by enabling users to personalize and collaborate on data columns and comments, using their own formatting. The manipulated data can be then searched, filtered, and published. The metadata is saved by Rainbow ALiVe and, when needed, is automatically reapplied to the updated records.

D’Rainbow ALiVe offers a completely new user experience via an efficient, intuitive, and easy-to-use UI.

Rainbow ALiVe Features
  • Add colors at any level – rows, columns and individual cells
  • Apply conditional formatting in order to highlight cells according their content
  • Insert new columns of extended information
  • Add calculated columns based on existing columns
  • Add db LookUp columns to other SAP tables
  • Annotate cells and manage comments
  • Filter by color, comment text, and values
  • Publish results via email